Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Political Spotlight to Mask Mediocrity?

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While we were so busy with Malaysia's pathetic performance against Bangladesh, I cannot help but notice this photo of Bunyamin Umar with his Palestine support gear - t-shirt and scarf.

Of course all of us are entitled to our political leanings but if someone brought it up, would FIFA fine us for bringing other elements into sports? I am not sure but I am wondering will FAM get into trouble with AFC for this, first and then later, FIFA to act?

If its ok, then I guess in future, we can use players to display their support for many issues for example, help the flood victims in places with flood problems, against whale hunting, no to shark fining, no to racism in certain countries afflicted by racists attack?

Not being the spoil sport but remembered long time ago FIFA was against displaying political and  sponsors (which are not in the official list of FIFA sponsors) logo on jerseys...However, this happened just before the match.

Maybe I will email AFC and FIFA for some clarity and...hopefully I may get an answer as I am a nobody

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