Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Guiza's Indian Summer in Johor

                     (Photo courtesy of soccernet.espn.go)

It seems Malaysia football is in the news again with former Spanish international Daniel Guiza joining Johor and proclaiming "To be honest I don’t know much about Malaysian football. But I watched videos of the local matches on the Internet before coming down here and what I observed was Malaysians appear very passionate about their football.

He further added, that the reason he wants to leave his current club, Getafe CF in La Liga, was because he and the manager had differing views and also that money was not the case since he had offers from top Spanish and European clubs.

“I want to help Johor become not only the top team in Malaysia but in Asia as well,” he said adding that the local weather would not be a problem for him.

The quotes were taken from The Star and read here.

Hmm, how many times have we heard this statement from a foreign player and how many have lasted this long here by virtue of our standard of football?

Seriously, will he make a difference and how long will he light up Johor and Malaysian football? Somehow as a fan, I suspect money played a role and I am sure rather than fight it out in other European leagues, he probably have a nice retirement package here.

Bu hey, I could be wrong! 

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