Monday, 26 January 2009

Malaysian football has always been Like That

I am quite entertained to see Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) getting rammed by the throat, be it from running the game in the country right up to its poor secretariat staff (pity Saifuddin and Kelly, my ex-colleagues) after that 5-0 shame to UAE.

The rot has been there long time ago and coach B. Sathianathan is a brave man even though I am sure he has one leg already out of FAM's HQ in Kelana Jaya. He just did the right thing of calling a spade, a spade! What wrong did he do?

Tell me, if you are in his position with three fit players, wouldn't you get freaked out, knowing that even if 11 players were fit, media will still roast you...but three...

I like what the jovial Eric Samuel of Star said in his comment piece that everything will be discussed at the all powerful FAM Exco but knowing the members, things will be back to normal in no time, meaning this incident or happening will just continue even when I am 50 unless some sort of power could be clipped from the state affiliates. At the end of the day, the states need to play an important role but when you get half past six players from the states, what can the national coach do?

I think the only thing we can do is to work from down to the top. Let us not stray too far but look at Japan and Korea in terms of development. Why waste time sending our boys for trials or training at EPL clubs? Where is our R.O.I.? How many boys benefited and came back as half decent players?

I think if our players can even play in the J-League, K-League or even in Saudi Arabia or UAE's leagues, then its a major step in football for us. It is a know fact that MSL is crap, full stop. Why do our powers that be pretend its not by hauling up Sathia and even criticizing him in the media? Let's look at the AFC Cup for instance. This is a second tier tournament and til today, has any MSL side gone to the final? Why none of our state teams focus on this tournament, why just be contend with Malaysia Cup, FA Cup and the league title? From the attitude shown here, we know that state teams are the main culprits. When was the last time I heard a Malaysian players was coveted by foreign teams, why no one has moved abroad?

The signs are always there about the sad state of local football but we are of course oblivious to it until a crushing defeat hits our team. All in say is, football needs political will and a massive dose of 'unity' by getting the Chinese and Indians back in the game. Without them, our team will continue this downward spiral. Mark my words, one race teams never succeed!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sathia is Right to Be Pissed with Losers

I don't blame national coach B. Sathianathan if he quits officially after the 5-0 thrashing by United Arab Emirates (UAE), I mean who could blame him for coaching a crappy team like Malaysia. Opps, that you and me's national team.

Yea, you read it right. He said prior to the game, only three players are fully fit. You have to be kidding me when you read this kind of statements in the papers. I mean, where is the professionalism in our players, why can't they maintain their own training schedule, why must they be reminded and spoon fed by the coach? Aren't we professional or in a professional-era?

However, as many of us fans know, Malaysian football is in denial. Claims of professionalism but amateur in attitude and everything. As you know, our players are mainly "gaya lebih" with their Nike outfits, MP3s and gelled up hair. I have said it before and I am saying it again, their boots have more talent than the players.

In my AFC days, I visited UAE on work assignment for the AFC U-17 tournament and I was posted in Abu Dhabi for two weeks and my venue was the Al Wahda Stadium which is the home club of their best player back then and now, Ismail Mattar. (He played in that 5-0 match)

One thing I noticed is the passion of the club officials and the squad of course. They have dedicated staff to run the club, from youth until the senior team. Yes, UAE clubs have more money than our state teams but that shouldn't be an excuse for our players lack of initiative and professionalism.

What can't we have our own Ismail Mattar, who was once coveted by teams from Europe and even Brazil? Heck, Al Ain club from UAE also won the first AFC Champions League and UAE's citizen compared to us, is relatively small as you would find more foreigners from Indians (from Kerala mainly), Pakistanis and Filipinos and the Mat Salleh in Dubai, Abu Dhabi areas among the seven (I think) Emirates.

Bit The Dust in Semis

I played in my company's sports club badminton tournament and sadly I lost in the semis. On the hindsight I would say that was good a result because I haven't played in a long time and put on damn a lot of weight.

But the defeat hurts as we lost a match we could win because of numerous unforced errors, simple shots like hitting out, to the net, half court smashes going astray etc. Not taking away any credit from my opponents but its one of those days that you feel, Shit, I could have done better!

Anyway, my new year resolution is to play regular badminton with my regular group. If I could do that, regain my old form and hopefully, my size, then I guess you guys out there better watch out!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Taxis at KL Tower - where the hell are they?

I went for the TV9 Rebirth event on an email invite and I must say the event was ok and the food was ok, too.

It was going back to office that irritated me as to my own discovery, Malaysia's own taxi service sucks and is very rotten to the core. Maybe the Tourism Ministry might do their own checking on the service provided at the KL Tower.
Imagine it was raining and no taxi was in sight to head home. Imagine again, what an embarrassment when tourists asked for taxi and none was in sight, what a bloody shame, the main KL tourist spot where all the tourists head to.. no taxi because of rain.
But then again, that's Malaysia for you. When opportunity is presented, they go running. When no opportunity, they will complain and bitch to the powers-that-be.