Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Past Achievement Means Nothing

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I guess by now national coach K. Rajagobal will realise when you are winning, everything looks nice, everyone wants to be your friend and everyone wants to be in your good books.

Two losses in prepatory friendly matches for AFF Cup and suddenly, his world is like slowly falling apart with FAM supremo Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah (TM) breathing down his neck with comments on squad tinkering.

In Malaysia, it shows just what success does to you when the whole of Malaysia wanting a piece of you, remember the national squad was even honoured at the annual Year End bash in the capital last year? (I was wondering what is the relevance between a song and dance concert and inviting the national team for an award at the same event?)

However on the other end of the spectrum, failure means you will get chastisized by the fans and officials and if it gets even worse, you will be treated like a leper. By now, Rajagobal would have laid out his plans for the upcoming AFF Cup defence starting November 25 and to be fair to the man, let us not judge him on friendly matches results.

He must and will be judged on AFF Cup results, failure to retain the title means the responsibility is his and his only. Show him the door if you may but when you look a the calibre of coaches we have in stock locally, there is nothing much to choose from expect the usual veteran suspects doing their rounds, coaching around Malaysia teams year in, year out.

While I guess TM means well, let Rajagobal does the job he is entrusted and if we fail, at least he knows it is his own doing only and no one else.

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