Monday, 12 November 2012

BEN10 is Over Priced

Recently, I went to the BEN 10 LIVE TIME MACHINE show at 2.00pm, Saturday, 10 November and was expecting a large, 'humungousaur' crowd but when the show started, about 10-15 minutes later then scheduled, huge swathes of seats were still empty.

It got me thinking, normal middle class Malaysians can't and won't afford tickets which are expensive. The cost per ticket, be it adult or child are as follows:

VIP- RM328

Premium - RM268

Reserve A - (Level 3) RM168

Reserve B - (Level 3) RM98

Minimum 2 pax must attend - parent and child so minimum, you are looking at, at least RM200 per family. I am not sure about other shows but the show I attended was empty until the organisers gave us an option of occupying the back row of the VIP seats.

However, if I paid that much, I'll scream murder as for RM328 and if you are seated at the back zone, your poor child won't be able to have a good view as the seats are all of the same level. I seriously wonder who was in charge of seating...

And outside the hall, there was more money to milk with all the merchandise, toys and snacks with BEN 10 branding.

Hopefully in future, the organisers will bring the down the prices so that more people can enjoy the show, especially BEN 10 hard core kids...Anyway, I suspect the next time they come down, my son would have grown out of this and move on to other cartoon characters.


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